Frequently Asked Questions

North Lake Tahoe Boat Rental

See answers to frequently asked questions that people have about North Lake Tahoe Rentals, our trips and Lake Tahoe here. Don’t see an answer to your questions? Ask us.

NLTBR only rents to customers over the age of 21.

No we will give you a safety and operation briefing before every rental! We want to make sure you are comfortable before leaving the dock.

No unfortunately, in the past we have allowed dogs, but our new property and insurance does not allow it.

Packing list includes; food, water, towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, sweatshirt/pants, wind breaker, phone charger/usb for music and hat. Please do not bring messy foods, cheetos, bbq sauce, etc.. (anything that can stain the seats). Any excessive clean up will be charged.

No, unfortunately we do not allow you to bring your own water skis or wake boards. We can however equip your boat with a complimentary tube! Just ask us!

Decided you don’t want to rent? If you cancel 7 days or more before your trip you will receive a full refund. Within 7 days we will refund 50% or try our best to accommodate a rescheduling. NO refund if you cancel on the day of your rental.

Tahoe weather is variable. We will offer a full refund if conditions are deemed unsafe by us on the day of. If you get less than half of your rental time due to weather, we will compensate for time lost on the lake.

Elements of a valid Bareboat Charter

  • The charterer must have the option of selecting and paying crew, although the owner may require general levels of proficiency for the crew that is retained based on federal statutes
  • The master/crew are paid by the charterer
  • All food, fuel, and stores are provided by the charterer
  • Insurance is obtained by the charterer
  • The charterer is responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel
  • The charterer may discharge, for cause, the master or any crew member without referral to the owner
  • The vessel is surveyed upon its delivery and return
  • Any provision that tends to show retention of possession or control of the vessel by the owner, or the owners exclusive operator, would be a contradiction that a valid and legal bareboat charter exists

Common Bareboat Charter Vessel Errors

  • A chartered vessel may NOT carry more than 12 passengers without a Certificate of Inspection (COI)
  • A chartered vessel may NOT carry more than 12 passengers while moored. A charter vessel is considered to be carrying “passengers” whether moored or underway. This includes a boat bed and breakfast
  • The owner of the vessel may NOT be the vessel master or part of the crew. The vessel owner is NOT allowed on board during a bareboat charter
  • A bareboat charter contract may not require a specific crew. The charterer must be able to select a crew and have the ability to discharge the crew.
  • The charterer is not considered a passenger, and there can only be one charterer, even though the vessel may be chartered by several individuals. In this case, one person would be considered the charterer and the rest would be counted as passengers

Of course! Call us to set up a multi-day package!

No! We ask that you stay 200 yards away from shore to protect you from any unwanted dangers, like propellers hitting rocks and vehicles with less power. Propellers are the most damaged piece equipment on the boat and cost $1000 in materials, labor and lost of income to replace. We do NOT allow you to anchor, boat within 200 Yards of shore, stop at restaurants, and especially NO beaching the boat when renting without a captain

Our licensed captains only add to the fun time! They are knowledgeable about the lake and can show you around. It also allows you to anchor, boat within 200 Yards of shore, stop at restaurants, and beach the boat. Our captains are available at $175 for a half day (four hours) and $250 for a full day (8 hours). If you think this is something you may be interested in please give us a call.

Holiday weekends are busy on the lake! For the safety of our customers, we require captains for rentals going out on holiday weekends. This means that the MAX CAPACITY for our boats is going to be 6 people, plus a captain. Please give us a call if you have any questions!

Pricing does not include gratuity for your Captain or Dockhand.

We know vacations are meant for fun, lets turn it up and get you out on Lake Tahoe!