Meet the Crew

North Lake Tahoe Boat Rental

Our knowledgeable and fun team is here to provide you with the best time in Lake Tahoe. Read more about us and our experiences.

Owner & Captain

Mike & Rufus

Hi guys, I’m Mike Crow, the owner of NLTBR. I grew up in the north east and moved to CA from Vermont after college on a whim. I sold everything I owned, bought a 89’ camper-van and started driving West. I reached Truckee, CA and instantly knew I found a place to call home. Tahoe has everything I need in my own backyard, from snowboarding on the mountains to wake surfing on the lake. I always look forward to being able to show others the adventures, beauty and fun Tahoe has to offer!

Operations Manager & Captain


Hi, I’m Connor Bishop and I am from Folsom, CA. I moved to the Reno/Tahoe area in 2016 and graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2020. This is my third year with NLTBR. I love Lake Tahoe for snowboarding, hiking, cliff jumping, and especially boating. I am excited to show you around the lake and share my experience with you!



I’m Jesse Valenti, I grew up in orange county, NY, attended Utica College and graduated in 2014. In May 2017, I went seeking adventure and ended up in the Outer Banks North Carolina as a hang gliding instructor. That winter I was introduced to Tahoe’s magic.

Front Desk Administrator


Hi, I’m Kendall Beering and I am originally from Alameda, CA. My family has had a house in Carnelian Bay since ‘97 and I currently live there! I graduated from the University of Oregon in 2018 and then have lived in Portland, OR working as an essential healthcare worker the last 2 years. I speak German, love traveling, spending time outdoors and watching sports. I am excited to be relaxing here in Tahoe and showing all our lovely guests my beautiful second home.

Dock Hand


Hi, I’m Steven Gomez and I am from Tahoe. Lived up here my whole life. Currently transferring to San Diego in my 3rd year and studying economics. This is my first year at NLTBR and enjoying it. What I love to do in Tahoe is mountain bike, go out on the lake. Hike and ice skate. Now a new activity which is boating!

Dock Hand


Hi, I’m Jill Dempsey, but you can call me tonight;) I’m originally from Palo Alto, and I went to university in Boulder, Colorado! I moved to Tahoe this winter, but I’ve been skiing here my whole life. I love being outside and trying new things, and that’s why I love Tahoe!

Dock Hand


Hey my name is Sydney. I’m from Portland, Oregon but I went to school on Newcastle Australia and graduated in 2019. I just moved to Tahoe because my love for the outdoors drew me in. When I’m not skiing in the winter, I’m climbing in the summer as well as hiking, backpacking, and just enjoying my time on the lake. Can’t wait to show you my corner of the lake!

Dock Hand


I’m Lucas Nelson-Madore and this is my first year with NLTBR. I was born and raised in NYC and drove out to Tahoe in November. I moved to Tahoe for the skiing but I decided to stay in the area because of the rock climbing, beaches, and great people that I met during the winter season. I can’t wait to get you on the water this summer – feel free to ask me about local restaurants and activities!

Dock Hand


Hey my name is Trevor. I grew up in Seattle and have been around boats my whole life. Now that I live in Reno, Lake Tahoe has become like my second home. This is my first summer with NLTBR and I’m looking forward to learning more from the captains here. When I’m not on the water or in school, I like to stay active by playing sports, wakesurfing, cliff jumping, and skating. Looking forward to this summer and showing you all what Tahoe has to offer!

Dock Hand


Hello, my name is Eric. I am from Folsom, California (just outside of Sacramento). I grew up coming to Tahoe and about three years ago I transferred to University of Nevada, Reno. Once Tahoe became even closet to where I lived, I came as much as possible. In winter, I enjoy snowboarding and in the summer, I enjoy rock climbing, cliff jumping, hiking, and hanging out with friends in and around the lake.

Front Desk Administrator


Hi! I’m Ellie and I’m from Chicago. I went to school in the Bay Area and studied marketing and environmental science. It’s my first summer in Tahoe with NLTBR. My dog and I love it here for the mountains and scenery, and I enjoy skiing in the winter and paddle boarding in the summer. Excited for you guys to come out and join us!