Discounts anyone?

This program is completely new to the world of boating on Lake Tahoe.  It is goal is to allow the people who live in work in Tahoe a chance to get out there on the lake just by referring their customers to us.  Whether you work in the restaurant, bar, retail or any other service industry we know its tough to afford the luxury's of the lake. So have a few friends write down the same name when clients are booking with us under the referrals section and you and your friends can be getting a free $400 towards your rental!

The way it works is simple. You don't even have to rent from us to qualify.

1 referral     = $100 off your next rental

2 referrals   = $200 off your next rental

3 referrals   = $300 off your next rental

6+referrals  = $400 off your next rental and FREE GAS!

Referring customer must pay for a full day non-discounted rate to apply.  Each person gets one discounted rate per referral (ie you cannot just rent a boat every day on the 2 referral discount, you must get a third before you can redeem again.) But feel free to wait until your third referral to rent!

*referral discount apply's only to full day rental